2017- More + Good

2017. Another year, another set of resolutions? Big plans? So, you know how this turns out- gym memberships increase, diets change or start and plans are made to stop habits so old, you can’t remember when they started.

Good intentions? Yes. Through new year resolutions? Maybe not, but small steps can lead the way.

This year will be the year of More+ Good. A focus that helps grow healthy, thriving communities. Let’s get started.

1.Eat More. That’s right. Eat more fresh fruit and vegetables and support your local farmers if you can. Pick a study and you will find that increasing your intake of vegetables, especially dark leafy greens, will decrease the incidence of preventable chronic health conditions like Type 2 diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, and obesity.Plus, fresh veggies taste good. Kale is not the only star on the farm, collard greens, spinach, and avuvo, check out 5 A DAY CSA, shine just as brightly when it comes to nutritional value.

2. Grow More. There is nothing like experiencing nature in all forms. From the smell of the soil to a cool breeze on a hot summer day, growing something that is good to you and for you, is an experience that you will never forget. If you are new at this, start with a herb like mint.Spearmint, peppermint, chocolate mint, there is such a variety and this is a hardy plant that will add flavor to beverages and food. Get outside, stay safe in the sun, and grow. This is a small step that can boost your mood and stimulate creativity in the garden and the kitchen.

3. Move More. 10,000 steps, 30 minutes a day, pushups, pull-ups and everything in between. Start by talking with your doc for the all clear and then, move. Walking, and dancing count and burn calories. But that’s not the only reason to move. Just like an eagle, you were made to move, glide and keep those muscles and bones healthy. The benefits to your mood, skin and immune system are added bonuses.

4. Experience More. Meet new people, get out of your comfort zone and listen. The narrow worlds some of us exist in, result in narrow-minded outlooks and actions that can and have harmed people.Get out of your comfort zone and learn how to salsa, play the guitar, learn a new language or even take the mike on karaoke night like Tony. Travel is a great way to learn about different cultures and traditions that have sustained people across the globe. 

5.Read More. Reading, in a way, is a way to travel and to experience and learn. Fiction and nonfiction can tell the stories of people that have forged a way when no clear path was present. The book, Hidden Figures-The American Dream and the Untold Story of the Black Women Mathematicians Who Helped Win the Space Race, is just one book that can inspire people of all ages.Put down the screen and grab a book in hand and take the time to enjoy the pages and the writing on them.

6.More Selfcare. Meditation, coloring books, yoga, or just a walk in the park. Time to focus on relaxation instead of always being ” turnt up”. Overscheduled adults and children. Again, put the screen down, say hello to your family members and just be still.

7. Sleep More. From obesity to mood disorders, the lack of sleep is harmful to your health. Set a time, make a routine, turn the tv off, and put the smartphone down. What happens next is up to you. For some, brewing and drinking a cup of chamomille tea is helpful. For others, relaxation techniques, like breathing exercises, are helpful. Whatever it takes, don’t skimp on sleep. Wake up refreshed and relaxed instead of tired and grumpy.

8. Drink More. More water and less sugar, artificial ingredients and artificial dyes. There are so many beverages that are simple to make, full of flavor and low on calories. The mint you want to grow, make a cold or hot glass of tea, add it to some black tea or add a sprig to water. Treat yourself to the liquid that can help keep your skin and every other organ in your body well hydrated.

9. More Fiber. Water and fiber, soluble and insoluble fiber. Most people these days don’t get enough. Beans, peas, sweet potatoes, broccoli, and berries. There is no excuse for not eating something that can help control your appetite, weight, blood glucose levels, and cholesterol levels. And if you don’t know it, fiber grows in the ground, not on the grocery shelf. Natural sources of fiber are just waiting for your at your local, producer-only farmers market, or community sponsored agriculture.

10. More Gratitude. For the simple things. For friends and family. For safe shelter and food. For access to clean water. For community organizers and members that work tirelessly to make life better for all. Give thanks, offer support and be grateful.

Simple and small steps to live a balanced life one day at a time. More+ Good won’t solve some of the problems that you face, but it’s a start.

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