Our Story

The drum. It  soothes and communicates.It engages your senses and moves you to move or, in some cases, relax. Self care at its finest.

Each week, hosts Dr. Vicki Reese and Mr. Anthony Brooks discuss a variety of topics  and fields related to health and wellness. From discussions on food from executive chefs to research physicians from NIH, we hope to inform, inspire and move you to live your healthiest life.

We will share stories from patients who have seen the good, bad and the ugly of the American healthcare system. Our hope? To provide useful and practical information and feedback for patients and healthcare practitioners alike.

Health and wellness start at home, not in hospitals, clinics or sterile offices. More than science and STEM-  health and wellness are part art, economics, education, communication, sociology, and business. All can impact, and in some cases, determine health outcomes.  Social determinants of health- housing, finances, transportation, and access to fresh food -are some of the topics we discuss.