M.D. Media Consultation

M.D. Media Consultation
Vicki Reese, M.D.

“I’ve lost weight and now I have Type 1 instead of Type 2 diabetes.”

Yikes! I will never forget listening to those words on one of my favorite comedy shows in the past ,but this was not a joke or punchline. It was part of a script and storyline that passed through many hands and by many eyes. Even on set, not one person noted the inaccuracy of the statement.

The intent of the statement, hopefully is that obesity is a risk factor for Type 2 diabetes, Type 2 is more severe than Type 1 diabetes, therefore, losing weight decreases the severity of the diabetes . There’s a bit of logic there, but not a drop of medical accuracy.

Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease with completely different risk factors than Type 2 diabetes. Truly an apple and orange situation if ever there was one. There are many types of diabetes, and all come with different pathophysiology and medical management. We even have a podcast with more and accurate information on diabetes.

Increasingly, visual and audio content explores common and unique medical diagnoses and complications that are creatively woven into scripts and podcasts. Giving viewers and listeners accurate and understandable information is where I can help your art also deliver reliable health and wellness information to your audience.

On Set with the crew.
On Set with another crew

Have an idea for a script with medical content that needs medical review? Ready to film a scene and need on-set review for medical accuracy? I can help at all stages of your creative process.

Having worked with a an extensive number of patients in emergency rooms, trauma bays, and acute and chronic care hospitals , I understand the unique challenges patients, their families and their friends face in the midst of unimaginable circumstances.

Now, I visit production studios, film locations and speak with casting directors and directors on set in the suburban DC area. And because of these experiences , I also understand the challenges that artists face in bringing their ideas to life , to big and little screens, and to eyes and ears. The art of filming, from a movie to a PSA, involves a team of professionals behind and in front of the camera.

 J. Mattison and Unplugged Media
J. Mattison on set with Unplugged MultiMedia

In all stages of the creative process, I can help bring your vision to life , with medical accuracy and sociocultural competency.

Let’s talk and create!